A Modern Peace

In 2019 we have reached one more step towards major conflicts between the two sides of a same coin. One side features people who are angry and ready to express more and more anger through riots, provocations and threats if not worse, the other side features women and men in power or sufficiantly at peace not to join riots and people’s anger.

Everything is new in this world a part from the old seeds of hate which are always so prompt to sprout when ego is activated. Once the seeds of hate are growing, we are astonished by the violence of mobs against their own fellows. We may never fully understand the real causes of this anger which uses modern communication systems to spread around unless we go deeper in the understanding of human mind. If we do so we just find that main causes are the ignorance of man constantly identifying himself with his material life instead of connecting with his soul. This connection is called Pure or Love consciousness. Human kind today is not ready to see things through prism of love consciousness. Love consciousness is not a gift we can just ask and get. It demands faith, practice and dedication to go beyond our limitations. Where there is no faith there is attachement to material world, there is suffering and violence.

Admitting this, we yet don’t want to let the populations being threats and destroyed because of the ignorance of the major part of humanity. This is our duty to demonstrate respect and peace to anyone. We need to bring in a modern peace to face those crises.

What could be a modern peace? Could it be modern just by using social medias and electronic devices? We definitly have to keep spreading love and peace messages on the internet. We have to go way further though. We know the power of mantras and prayers. It is believed that egyptian pyramids huge amounts of stones were moved by using sounds vibrations.

In 2019 the only way to create a modern peace is to really believe we can move mountains through our messages of love, prayers, mantras repetitions. Whatever we use will work if we have faith. We can use this powerful mantra in sanskrit “OM NAMO NARAYANAYA”. It is called Peace mantra. The mantra itself is not modern, it is intemporal. Only our modern faith can make the difference. With faith we can access our true Self within. With faith we can vanquish any anger any hate. Everyday the old world slips away and a new one comes to manifestation. Today our new world deserves a new Peace. Let’s create it now ! Let’s chant and spread a modern peace ! Om Namo Narayanaya!

05-Passage-2012-Acrylic on canvas-146x114cm

Painting by Cecilia Cubarle, 2015

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